The Lady Musgrave Trust appoints its first Youth Advisory Committee


L-R (back) Bridget Clark, Brittanie Dreghorn, Kate Hudson, CEO Karen Lyon Reid
L-R (front) Brianna Kelly, Georgia Amery

Queensland’s oldest charity and champion for homeless women The Lady Musgrave Trust has appointed its first Youth Advisory Committee to support its Executive Board.

The strategically selected members of the committee will provide insight from the viewpoint of younger people to help shape the Trust’s various business functions, says The Lady Musgrave Trust Chief Executive Officer Karen Lyon Reid.

“We’ve selected five women between the ages of 18-30 who specialise or have experience in different business functions or areas of the community,” she says.

“As a group, the Youth Advisory Committee will be expected to generate suggestions for consideration by the Board in relation to opportunities for revenue raising, promotion and advertising, recruitment of future members, and training opportunities.”

The Youth Advisory Committee members have been appointed for an initial period of 2 years. They are:

  • Georgia Amery – Analyst at Deloitte
  • Brianna Kelly – Bid Manager APAC at Architecture Firm Populous
  • Kate Hudson – Full time student
  • Bridget Clark – Marketing professional at NFP Arts Organisation Voices of Birralee
  • Brittanie Dreghorn – Marketing professional at The Content Division

Committee member Bridget Clark says she wanted to be a part of the Youth Advisory Committee because she believes in The Lady Musgrave Trust’s cause and is passionate about the non-profit sector.

“I am hoping to be pushed beyond my comfort zone and to develop new skills and ways of thinking, both rationally and emotionally, to create positive change in the lives of homeless women and children,” Ms Clark says.

Committee member Brittanie Dreghorn says she’s excited to join the Trust and share insights from a young professional’s perspective.

“Homelessness can happen to anyone from any background so I think there’s work to be done in communicating that and also the services provided by The Lady Musgrave Trust,” she says.

“Solving the issue of homelessness relies on so many other things including helping victims of domestic violence, increasing safe access to public health services and much more, so in the meantime having support and housing for women is really important.”

Brianna Kelly says she was shocked to hear that homelessness is even a possibility for women her age.

“Homelessness does not discriminate and I hope to get involved to raise enough awareness and money to completely eradicate the problem, not only for the young women of Brisbane but for all homeless people,” she says.

Kate Hudson said she was excited to be joining The Lady Musgrave Trust team because of their excellent work already being achieved.

“I am looking forward to contributing and producing innovative solutions to tough problems,” she says.

Committee member Georgia Amery has worked with a number of non-profit and independent community organisations, and is a passionate advocate for equal opportunity.

“I believe in empowering all individuals to thrive and am honoured to assist women and children in need through the work of The Lady Musgrave Trust,” Ms Amery says.

The group will get together for an initial introduction to the Trust and its activities on 2 May before they start attending regular meetings and events.

The first event the Committee will be assisting with is The Lady Musgrave Trust’s Annual Forum for Women and Homelessness on Wednesday 7 August, 2019.

Find out more about The Lady Musgrave Trust and its work here.

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