North Harbour: Our first development partner!

Karen Lyon Reid and Allison McKelvie at North Harbour's Songs of Twilight event
Karen Lyon Reid and Allison McKelvie at North Harbour's Songs of Twilight event

We are pleased to welcome North Harbour as a proud supporter of The Lady Musgrave Trust – our first development partner!

Home to more than 2000 residents, the award-winning community of North Harbour is located in the beautiful Moreton Bay Region.

“North Harbour values the wonderful work that community groups and charities do, particularly in our part of the world,” says Bryan Finney, North Harbour’s Project Director.

“We have recently partnered with The Lady Musgrave Trust, who do wonderful work supporting women in hardship. I thank the Trust for what they do and we are pleased to be able to support them in this way.”

The Lady Musgrave Trust’s CEO, Karen Lyon Reid, says North Harbour are wonderful supporters of many community groups and charities, and “the Trust is honored to receive their support.”

Recently, North Harbour came alive with an open-air concert “Songs at Twilight”, where all of the fundraising went towards the Trust.

“North Harbour continues to support the Trust, particularly supporting our Handy Guide products. It’s such a great community,” says Karen Lyon Reid.

Pictured above at North Harbour’s Songs at Twilight event are Karen Lyon Reid (left) with Board Director Allison McKelvie. Photo courtesy of Moreton Daily.

If you are heading up north, take a drive and visit the wonderful location of North Harbour – you’ll discover a lovely community spirit and it will be worth the visit.

Check out a little bit more about North Harbour in our 2021 Annual Forum video below.

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