HopgoodGanim Lawyers combine team building with fundraising to support The Lady Musgrave Trust’s Logan Housing Project

The HopgoodGanim team at the Noosa Triathlon
The HopgoodGanim team at the Noosa Triathlon

HopgoodGanim Lawyers have raised over $27,000 for The Lady Musgrave Trust at the 2023 Noosa Triathlon, making a significant contribution to the Logan Housing Hub project.

As a long-standing corporate partner of The Lady Musgrave Trust, HopgoodGanim Lawyers chose a new means of contributing in 2023, with a fundraising team taking part in the Noosa Triathlon from 1 – 5 November.

Leanne Collingburn, HopgoodGanim Lawyers Partner and Head of Pro Bono, says the event provided an opportunity to combine two of the HopgoodGanim team’s passions.

“HopgoodGanim Lawyers have participated in the Noosa Triathlon for many years now, as both a team building and wellbeing activity,” Leanne says. “We have also been a corporate partner of The Lady Musgrave Trust for many years, providing financial and pro bono assistance to reinforce them in their important work.

“It made sense to combine our partnership with The Trust with our passion for triathlon to raise much needed funds and awareness for The Trust’s latest project, the Logan Housing Project.”

The Lady Musgrave Trust’s newest venture, the Logan Housing Project is a transitional housing complex in Logan that will create an additional 3,500 nights of safety for Queensland women and children. Fundraising for the project is currently underway to cover construction and running costs.

Safe and supported housing is just one way The Lady Musgrave Trust helps young Queensland women and their children. The organisation also connects women with employment and education opportunities; provides quick access to life-saving support services and information; and advocates for important reforms and policy changes.

“We are incredibly pleased to share that with this fundraising event, HopgoodGanim raised more than $27,000,” Victoria Parker, The Lady Musgrave Trust CEO, says.

“This is in addition to HopgoodGanim’s continued pro bono support of The Trust. By combining the strengths of various individuals, organisations and agencies, we are able to generate a meaningful collective impact on the lives of young women.”

As a company, HopgoodGanim Lawyers prioritises giving back to the community, a core value that has allowed The Lady Musgrave Trust to benefit from a wealth of knowledge and expertise over a partnership spanning 5 years.

“One of our three pro bono priority areas is to reduce family and domestic violence,” Leanne says.

“The Lady Musgrave Trust is a long standing pro bono and philanthropic partner of our firm who deliver real outcomes for young women and children, many of whom are victim-survivors of family and domestic violence, by providing safe, secure and appropriate housing.

“Assisting The Trust to raise the funds needed to deliver the Logan Housing Project was a tangible goal, neatly aligned to our own priorities, and something our people and partners could see real benefit in.” To assist in this venture, The Lady Musgrave Trust built a custom campaign donation page, and social assets for HopgoodGanim Lawyers to use to promote their fundraising activity.

“This event not only provided an opportunity for our team to set a goal for themselves,” Leanne says, “but also for the wider community to come together and support such a worthy and important cause.”

Learn how to plan your own fundraising event to support The Lady Musgrave Trust here.

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