GLAM charity event raises over $20,000 for The Lady Musgrave Trust

The stage and attendees of GLAM
The stage and attendees of GLAM

Tara Castle’s GLAM It Up For Charity event has raised over $20,000 for The Lady Musgrave Trust, helping to alleviate the problem of homelessness for young Queensland women and their children.

Tara, who has been running the GLAM event as a volunteer in her own time for 17 years, providing guests with a fabulous lunch out while also helping to raise funds and awareness for local South East Queensland charities and groups supporting women and children.

To date, Tara has raised over $250,000 on behalf of charities covering causes such as cancer, domestic and family violence, homelessness, medical research and social justice.

“The concept is simple,” she says. “Find a venue that is aligned with your charity and happy to host at a low cost or fixed price; invite your network to attend with a margin or donation built into the price; seek out prizes, support and entertainment from your contacts; and pray it all comes together!”

In 2023, it was The Lady Musgrave Trust’s lucky turn to benefit from this fantastic fundraiser, which was held at Newstead’s Stratton Bar & Kitchen on Monday October 23.

“I have watched The Lady Musgrave Trust in action for several years, and have been impressed with their commitment to supporting vulnerable women and providing practical and life changing outcomes,” Tara says.

“I hoped GLAM might be able to help in a small, yet practical, way.”

The Lady Musgrave Trust helps young Queensland women and their children by providing safe and supported housing; quick access to life-saving services and information; and advocacy for important reforms and policy changes.

The Trust is currently raising funds to deliver and run a new, transitional housing complex in Logan for young mothers and their children. This housing complex will provide young mums and their children with an additional 3,500 nights of safety per year.

Having run her GLAM event for close to two decades, Tara knew her regular attendees would respond positively to the mission of The Lady Musgrave Trust.

“My guests like to see tangible and impactful outcomes from their giving, and I knew they would appreciate The Trust’s Logan Housing Project,” she says.

Tara’s instincts proved correct, as attendees at this year’s event raised an impressive total of $20,785 for The Lady Musgrave Trust.

Victoria Parker, The Trust’s CEO, was in attendance on the day of the event, and took the opportunity to speak to guests about The Trust’s work. She says the energy in the venue was electric.

“The Lady Musgrave Trust is truly grateful for these acts of generosity from those in the GLAM community,” she says.

“Fundraising events such as this one make a world of difference in continuing and expanding on the important work we do to end women’s homelessness in Queensland.”

As well as raising funds for The Lady Musgrave Trust, Tara says the event also raised crucial awareness about what the charity does for the community.

“Many of the attendees weren’t familiar with The Lady Musgrave Trust before the event, and were clearly moved by Victoria Parker’s speech and presentation,” she says.

“I’m hopeful that many of the guests will decide to continue their support of The Lady Musgrave Trust long beyond my event. In fact, one has already begun volunteering with The Trust, and another has already donated an equine therapy experience to The Trust.”

Ultimately, Tara says GLAM is a powerful example of what a group of women coming together for a good cause can do.

“GLAM is an opportunity for women to catch up, dress up, and at the same time raise money for a local and worthy beneficiary,” Tara says. “It is a combination of fun and heart.

“Most attendees have supported GLAM for most of its life, and they enjoy the fun, frivolity and the heart of the event.

“This is a credit to the friendship group and collective impact of the many people that made the event possible, including attendees; prize donors; volunteers; small businesses; and the amazing team at Stratton Bar & Kitchen.”

Learn how to plan your own fundraising event to support The Lady Musgrave Trust here.

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