Help build safe homes for young women.


Help build safe homes for young women.

Donate to build safe homes for young mums.

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Assist us in delivering safe and supported housing for young Queensland women and children.

The Lady Musgrave Trust is dedicating your funds to providing end-to-end, best practice housing solutions to help young women experiencing homelessness get back on their feet and develop the skill and resources they need to live independently.

Our model combines a safe place to live within a community environment, with individualised case management so tenants receive the support they need, in the way they need it. This integrated delivery allows for healing, skills development, goal setting and achievement and will significantly increase the opportunities available to our tenants and their children for the rest of their lives.

We need your support to fulfil this mission and bring us that much closer to solving women’s homelessness in Queensland.

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Our vision is to provide young women with a place to call home while they stabilise their lives, and are supported to develop their life skills and opportunities and build great futures for themselves and their children.

Victoria Parker
Chief Executive Officer
The Lady Musgrave Trust

You can help us provide safe secure housing for Queensland women.