The Lady Musgrave Trust Annual Forum for Women and Homelessness

Annual Forum 2021

On behalf of The Lady Musgrave Trust and the Forum Working Group we invite you to the 13th Annual Forum on Women and Homelessness – Seize the Momentum: New Solutions to Tackle Women’s Homelessness.

Save the date for this online event.

There’s a lot of momentum building in this country right now – for women’s voices to be heard and for solutions to end homelessness. We’ve seen the drastic impacts COVID-19 has had on vulnerable women, migration, secure housing and female refugees, but where are we at now?

At this year’s Forum we will be exploring the theme “Seize the Momentum: New Solutions to Tackle Women’s Homelessness”.

Throughout the Forum we’ll be discussing:

  • The current status of housing and homelessness and the impacts of COVID-19 across Australia
  • Migration and its impact on women refugee and progress to assist them

Additionally we will be showcasing new innovative housing solutions for younger and older women in Australia and Canada, including:

  • Housing and urban development
  • The National Housing Strategy Canada
  • A spotlight on new housing and scaling innovations in Canada
  • New finance and housing solutions in Melbourne
  • Training, employment and equality opportunities for women entering construction
  • Provide updates on the housing solutions presented at last year’s event
  • Share even more inspiring stories
  • Give the opportunity to ask questions

Speakers include:

– Aimee McVeigh, CEO, QCoss

– Christine Castley, CEO Multicultural Australia

– Emma Telfer, Assemble Communities, Melbourne

– Representatives from Evergreen and National Housing Strategy, Canada

– Sheree Taylor, Chapter President, National Association of Women in Construction

– Rachel Watson, Director, Watson and Associates

– Jeanette Large, Women’s Property Initiative, Melbourne

– Denise Hunter, Founding Director, Safe Haven Community

– Susan Davies, Director, Sharing with Friends (Older Women’s Housing Solutions)

Karen Lyon Reid
CEO, The Lady Musgrave Trust

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