Domestic Violence Services

While the reasons for homelessness and services provided may now be different, there remains a strong and growing need for safe shelter for Brisbane’s young, vulnerable women. Our services are more in need today than ever as homelessness figures continue to worsen.

Frightening figures provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics indicate that the rate of homelessness in Australia increased by 8% between 2006 and 2011.

There were around 85,000 women supported by specialist homelessness services in the past year, with women aged 18-34 most likely to need help. In 2011, on Census night, 45,814 women were experiencing homelessness .

Queensland’s government has called for a national crisis meeting of ministers to deal with housing affordability and homelessness.

Domestic violence is the leading cause of homelessness. 640 domestic violence incidents were reported in Queensland in 2013.  Almost 90% of NWS’s women’s refuges are full and here in Queensland women are continually turned away from emergency accommodation because there are full. Demand for Women’s Legal Service Queensland assistance has skyrocketed, with phone statistics showing the service was not getting more than 2,000 extra requests for assistance each month that it could not meet.

A recent poll by Fair Agenda has revealed 76% think family violence is a bigger threat than terrorism.

Between 80 – 100 deaths are from domestic violence in Australia every year – 23 of these are in Qld which is 44% of all homicides.

Approximately 95% of all calls to help lines are from women.

Most incidents in Queensland are centred around Brisbane.

Do you feel unsafe due to domestic and family violence?

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