Meet some of the incredible women who have made it back

We love celebrating when the women we help with accommodation and services get back on track. Here are some of their stories, in their own words.

A letter from Charlotte & Emmy *

"Where do I begin? When we first came across The Lady Musgrave Trust and their partners, my daughter and I were homeless, I was sleeping in my car and my daughter was staying with a friend. I was battling severe anxiety and suicidal thoughts, thinking I was never going to dig myself out of this deep hole.

The team immediately made us feel calm and cared for. At our initial interview, my daughter and I were fed and given a much appreciated food hamper and toiletries. That night we were offered accommodation at Spring Hill with hopes we would be offered a more permanent place. We didn’t have to wait long. Two nights later we spent our first night in the amazing unit owned by The Lady Musgrave Trust, fully equipped with furniture and kitchen kit.

I can’t express how grateful we are that we were given a chance at a better life. I try to find the words but nothing seems enough. So I will just say thank you. You’ve all given me a chance to be a better mother, friend and contributing member of society. You’ve shown me that I can do this on my own and I am worthy of life and being happy.

*not their real names

Heard at The 10th Annual Women & Homelessness Forum

Knowing that my daughter and I had a roof over our head was a wonderful feeling. We were happy and safe in the property

Karin JansmaHomelessness Survivor


A letter from Sasha & her daughter *

Back home in PNG I experienced domestic violence and I couldn't return home once I completed my study here in Australia, so I applied for protection for my daughter and myself. Since my lease couldn't be renewed my daughter and myself were at a very high risk of being homeless. We didn't have any family or close friends here to turn to.

At some point I dreaded that we would be on the streets and social services would take my daughter away from me. Despite all that, I didn’t give up hope. I kept searching for help and came across The Lady Musgrave Trust and their partners. Just as well all odds were in our favour.  I met with the team and was assisted in securing a three months tenancy in a property owned by The Lady Musgrave Trust. My daughter and I were supplied with a fully furnished unit near the Chermside area. Everything was provided from furniture, television, washing machine, dryer to kitchen pots, plates and other utensils. That was a bonus, as we didn’t have to worry about buying anything. All we did was pack our bags and move in. 

The location of the property was a door step away from major shopping and transportation which was convenient for us to buy our groceries plus shop. It was a safe property as you would need access to enter the property. My daughter and I were happy and safe in the property. With this stability, I had time to regroup my thoughts and figure out what I would do next. Knowing that my daughter and I had a roof over our head was a wonderful feeling.

*not their real names