After so many years helping 1,000's of women get a new start in life The Lady Musgrave Trust has many heartwarming stories to tell. Some of these stories The Lady Musgrave Trust would like to share.

Daisey’s Story

Daisy is a young woman that is 19 years old and she has a 3‐year‐old son. A Domestic Violence Refuge referred her.  Daisey was born in Hong Kong and her English language skills were limited.  It was decided that due to the fact that she has been living independently at the refuge she was a good candidate to receive the services provided by The Lady Musgrave Trust (and their partner).  Daisey moved directly to a vacancy in the Trust’s property.  The allocated representative met with Daisey to discuss the type and tenure of the accommodation and to identify the services needed (as part of an ongoing assessment).  Assistance was provided with respect to acquiring and maintaining a tenancy and she was then engaged in detailed case management which included guidance and support to achieve independent living outcomes:

  • Development and implementation of a budget/financial tools
  • Consultation with a general practitioner
  • Development of Mental Health plan
  • Planning and application submissions required for housing providers; and
  • Domestic Violence counselling.

Daisy became a member of a local community group and commenced attending TAFE for English classes. Daisey eventually received a housing offer form the Department of Housing and she moved into a 2-bedroom house in a suburb of her preference.  She continued to attend TAFE.

Susie's Story

Susie was 18 years old and pregnant when she was referred to ASQ Homelessness Services. She had been living in shared accommodation, but was asked to leave by the other residents when they discovered she was pregnant.

Only a few months after this harrowing experience, Susie and her seven day old daughter were granted safe, secure shelter with The Lady Musgrave Trust.

During her time with the Trust, Susie worked on applications for alternative affordable accommodation, took parenting classes and driving lessons, and learned about budgeting and how to pay off debts. She also obtained legal advice about her rights as a mother, the possibility of returning to school, accessing child health, and she began acquiring the household items she would need when she moved into an unfurnished property.

Susie also returned to school for a term, but found that it was not possible for her to apply herself properly at school with such a young child. She plans to complete her education when her daughter is old enough to cope at childcare.

Eventually Susie was fortunate enough to be approved for a room in a private rental property, with housemates who made her and her baby feel very welcome.

Katosh's Story

Katosh was 20 years old with a two year old daughter when she was referred to ASQ Homelessness Services. She was living in emergency accommodation and had been forced to give up studying a Bachelor of Business at University.

Katosh moved into The Lady Musgrave Trust property and was able to continue her studies. She also started to look for other work as soon as her exam period was over, and was successful in gaining employment at a supermarket.

During her time with the Trust, Katosh was highly productive, re-instating her university scholarship and returning to university, in addition to gaining employment. She began applying for alternative affordable housing and for assistance grants, and had her first ever driving lessons. She also dedicated herself to following a strict budget in order to save money, and was so successful that when she eventually moved out she was able to pay for removalists, buy the household items she needed and also pay rent and bond in advance.

In recognition of Katosh’s dedication to her studies despite her hardship, Katosh was proudly awarded the Young Parent of the Year Award by QUOTA.  

She continues to work towards her goals of finishing university, gaining a career in business and returning to Africa to see her homeland and reunite with her family.

Marlina's Story

Marlina and her 14 month old daughter became clients of ASQ Homelessness Services after 18 year old Marlina was told to leave her father’s home due to overcrowding. Marlina came to the residential programme with limited living skills, as she had very little experience of life outside the family home. She needed parenting assistance in order to confidently develop a bedtime routine, introduce solids, and engage in positive play time with her daughter.

Marlina moved into one of The Lady Musgrave Trust Parkside townhouses and took great pride in the appearance of her home, which led to her being selected to have the Governor of Queensland visit during her last meeting with the Trust. While she resided in the shelter, Marlina worked hard toward her goals of returning to study to become a real estate professional.

Marlina also reunited with her daughter’s father during her time at Parkside, and eventually became confident and financially stable enough to leave the care of the Trust and reside with her young family in a private rental property.

A Vision Fulfilled

The positive impact of the work conducted by The Lady Musgrave Trust is outlined in A Vision Fulfilled where the author provides a personal account of her experience as a resident of the lodge. To read more about the history of, and provide support to, The Lady Musgrave Trust please purchase this book to help us continue our work now and into the future.

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